Series 1
First Principles
A Proper Function of Government
Is Your Journey Really Necessary?
The Most Suitable Person
Always Glad to Help
A Feasible Solution
Special Relationship

Series 2
At All Costs
Enough of Ghosts
Decision by Committee
A Question of Loyalty
It Couldn't Happen Here
Operation Kingmaker

Series 3
All in a Good Cause
To Hell With Justice
Unusual Approach
My Name is Anna Wiseman
Sometimes We Play Dirty Too
Who Needs Enemies
Opposite Numbers

Always Glad to Help
‘It’s a fact that I was once married to his daughter. Anything else is supposition. Like the purpose of your Russian ship.’

The Ministry of Defense asks Burnside to send divers to investigate the Russian merchant vessel Karaganda. It may be a spy ship. Burnside suspects the ministry is asking him, rather than the Navy, which they control, in case anything goes wrong.

Meanwhile, the prince of sheikdom makes a clandestine approach to the Foreign Office. He is planning a coup to oust his pro-Soviet father. Hamad promises to turn the realm pro-West if England supports the coup immediately.

Burnside calls for caution. Peele asks to move quickly. A successful international operation on this scale could result in hefty budget increases The MOD starts bartering. They promise Peele they will foot drag until the Karaganda is examined by Burnside’s Special Projects Team. Laura reluctantly accepts the task of spying on Hamad.

The lonely man with political ambitions is smitten by her. Ambiguity upon ambiguity pile up, and no clear picture of Hamad forms. Finally, Burnside is forced to guess.

Episode Trivia
First Principles establishes that Burnside was in the Royal Marines. Note the model ships in his flat.

Sense of style
Hamad‘s sunglasses and bowling outfit are, well, interesting. As well, there’s a Benny Hill-like production goof. Watch the window glass when Hamad opens the Rolls door to admit Laura. You will see two members of the camera crew.